Tokenomics is important for every project, and it goes to show the internal economics of a project and the foresight of the team.

Project: NFT

Blockchain: Binance SmartChain

Total Supply: 10,000,000

Private Sale: 5% $0.1

Public Sale: 15% $0.5

Airdrops: 10%

Marketing: 10%

Team: 10% (Locked for 2 years)

Mined via staking: 25%

Treasury: 25%

Ticker: $QLP

Token Name: QLIP


The Private Sale will be conducted via our website and 1/2 a Million (500,000) Tokens will be sold at $0.1 each = $50,000 Soft Cap.

100% of private sale tokens of investors will be locked for 6 months, with 50% unlocked in the 6th month and 10% unlocked every month.

The Public Sale will be conducted on our website or via an IDO platform (we’re still applying), after a whitelist event and 1.5 Million Tokens will be sold at $0.5 each = $750,000 Hard Cap, with 100% unlocked.

1 Million Tokens are reserved for our airdrops and reward activities. The first airdrop activity already started (and has ended), and has 100,000 $QLP tokens allocated for rewards.

Airdrops are reserved for early collectors, creators, and community members in the QLIP ecosystem. Airdrops are also reserved for testers of our platforms at various levels before launch.

1 Million tokens are allocated for Marketing. The Qlip marketing department will include ambassadorial activities, Product development, Digital Marketers, and Marketing Managers.

Team tokens are locked for 2 years. It might also interest you to know that members of the team made financial contributions to get QLIP running.

This shows how committed QLIP Team members are to the QLIP project.

2.5 Million tokens will be minted via staking on the Qlip DeFi platform. Qlip will have DeFi features with Qlip collectibles rolled out according to our Road Map in Q1 2022.

2.5 Million tokens will be locked for 2 years (pending CEX listing).

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