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Three words have gained entrance into the Blockchain Space and received massive attention since late 2020, you probably already know them; “Non Fungible Tokens”.

NFTs have presented us with a lot of use cases, with the most primary use case of solving the problem of authenticity, marketing and value for artists. Visual artists are taking the center stage, while musicians and other form of artists follow in on leveraging the opportunity of NFT.

We’ve seen visual arts, animators, graphic designers, illustrators from Europe and America take the spot lights in creating amazing pieces and drops.

We’ve seen NFT’s applied in the world of sports with NBA Top shots, and WWE listing NFT’s of their legendary fighters.


Non Fungible Tokens are simply data like audio, text, pictures or videos, stored on the Blockchain that are unique and indivisible but possessing aesthetic values.

Therefore any data possessing intrinsic or attributed aesthetic value can be tokenized.


Low Minting Fees

Qlip provides the solution of making it easier for African Artistes to mint their art works wityh low fees from their mobile devices or PCs.

This is possible because Qlip is built on Binance Smart Chain.

Collectible Creation of African Artists

Qlip will create collectibles of African Artistes of rare packs, generic packs and legendary packs of artistes in conventional and unconventional industries.

Even though there seems to be a bubble in the NFT spaces, some industries in arts and artistes from some parts of the world have not witnessed this adoption.

An example is the African entertainment and creative arts industry.

Africa has amazing mainstream,

  1. Music artistes
  2. Dance artistes
  3. Fashion Designers
  4. Movie actors
  5. Literary giants
  6. Visual artistes and hyperrealists
  7. Photographers, and a lot more talents

Qlip is a platform where the world can come buy from Africa.

This collectible creation fosters a burst in the market place.

Qlip Market place — Category Centric

The Qlip market place is a place where mainstream artists can have their collectible sold, and independent artist can list their works on the market place according to the category of their work, hence making navigation easy for users looking to buy different type of NFT’s like;

a. NFT’s of Literary giants

b. NFT’s of Music artitses

c. NFT’s of Hyper realists and and Visual artistes

d. NFT’s of Movies

e. Meme NFT’s and so on and so forth

Fan Loyalty

Let us paint a picture with Fan loyalty

Imagine fans showing their loyalty by owning cards of their favourite artistes, fans of hiphop artiste like MI, Vector, Sakordie, Falz the Bahd guy can show their loyalty by owning their cards and use them for a battle in the Qlip gaming platform.

Album packs could be dropped by artistes before they get released, merchandise of artistes could be created and…… I’m pretty sure you get the idea.

Movie premiere tickets could be first ‘NFTied’, special scenes from the movies or behind the scenes can be created as NFTs on the Blockchain to create commercial value and marketing anticipation before the movies hit the Cinemas?


Users can mint their data like, voice recordings, pictures, video clips as NFT’s on the Blockchain and choose whether to list it on the Qlip market place or have it saved on their “Private Blockchain space” for memory purposes.

Qlip provides value for;

1. Creators
2. Collectors
3. Mainstream Artistes
4. Decentralised Store Users


The Qlip platform will be operable using QLIP TOKENS.

With a Total Supply of 10,000,000 and valued use cases for the Qlip Platform,
Qlip tokens are soon to become more valuable than they are.

To find out more about the tokens, click here or checkout the white paper where you can get all the information on the roadmap and the project in general.

In the meantime, follow us on Twitter.

Reach us at qlipit.io@gmail.com




Building a market place the world can benefit from, creating value for Collectors, Artists and users.

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Qlip IT

Qlip IT

Building a market place the world can benefit from, creating value for Collectors, Artists and users.

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