QLIP offers a lot of value as a product for the NFT industry. We categorized these values into the first 4 kinds of users.


Creators in the NFT space create works of art for value or entertainment, they could range from high-end collectibles to memes, either way, they are NFT consumables for collectors and gamers alike.

So how does QLIP provide value for creators?

Minting cost (In economics or business you’d look at this as cost of production).

If you’ve been an NFT artiste for a while, you already know that minting costs a lot on the Ethereum Blockchain, for a long time now, fees there have been on the rise, minting on QLIP will be cheaper because it’s built on Binance Smart Chain.

Poetry Elucidation

How many NFT platforms on the Binance Smart Chain network, do you know that enables Poets to mint their artworks? There are elucidation features that unlock, as soon as a collector buys the NFT so the poetry can be revealed.

On-chain collaboration features

QLIP provides artists the opportunity to collaborate on-chain to create an NFT; a poet could collab with a photographer to mint an NFT, or with an audio NFT artiste, and more. This Collab feature makes it easy for royalties amongst artists to be automatically shared when an NFT is purchased.

There is more value for creators, but let’s get going!


Collectors are holders of NFTs, they could be interested in collectibles or buying from NFT artists on the marketplace. This means collectors spend an awful time in the marketplace hence.

Here are some of the ways QLIP provides value for collectors.

Navigation and sorting

Qlip Marketplace and Qlip Mint Store have one thing in common; “Categories”. When artists mint on the Mint store they select what type of NFT they’re minting, whether it’s Music, Photography, Abstract, Visual Art, Meme, Poetry, Fashion, etc. This helps to make it easier for collectors to navigate the marketplace and choose what category of NFT they want to purchase.

Artist Verification levels

Collectors in the NFT space have raised concerns about verifying the authenticity of an artist’s work on a platform; how do they know that the NFT they buy on one platform isn’t already available on another platform?

On QLIP, the curating team provides levels of verification for artists and provides badges on their profiles so collectors can see artists’ reputations and rest in the confidence that they’re buying one original piece(s) not sold anywhere else by the artiste but on QLIP.

A multiplicity of Payment Options

Collectors can pay with at least 3 crypto assets, $QLP tokens, $BNB, $ETH, $BTC, $BUSD, and more. This would help collectors easily make purchases on the QLIP MArketplace.

More value for collectors to come in our BETA


Top African Mainstream artists in various aspects of the Entertainment and Creative industry, can have their merchandise and characters minted as collectibles and dropped as packs for collectors on QLIP.

Artiste tokenization

QLIP provides an opportunity for a mainstream artistes to tokenize themself, their merchandise, their music or movie, and any data from them that possess intrinsic or aesthetic value.

Fan Loyalty

QLIP provides mainstream artists with the opportunity to increase or strengthen fan loyalty. Growing up, we all wanted to own the pictures of our favorite artists. With QLIP, users and collectors can do the same with their favorite artists.

Royalty Distribution

Artistes with collectibles on the QLIP platform earn a percent in royalties from their tokenized works sold on the QLIP marketplace and from pack drops.

There’s more on value for Mainstream Artistes but let’s visit the fourth category of users on QLIP


Have you ever just wanted to back up a file to the internet, but got concerned about its security or privacy? A lot of us have been there!

QLIP provides users with a decentralized store so they can save/mint data on the blockchain like a private blockchain space with the option to list on the marketplace or not.

QLIP is a platform for everyone interested in the NFT industry to easily take advantage of. Whether you’re a Creator, Collector, or Observer, in the NFT industry, there’s something for you.

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Building a market place the world can benefit from, creating value for Collectors, Artists and users.

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Qlip IT

Building a market place the world can benefit from, creating value for Collectors, Artists and users.

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