QLIP Genesis Gaming

Key Features

  1. Scarcity — Items and characters created in the QLIP GENESIS GAMING platform will have a definite number of minting and a definite period of general collecting or purchase before use in any of the “QLIP Play2Earn Games”.
  2. Verifiability — Players can verify the existence and scarcity of each gaming item or character in the QLIP Genesis Gaming. Players can see key information for the items and characters like their total supply, circulating supply NFT features, and No of Gaming or metaverses the Item or character lives in.
  3. Utility (Play2Earn) — Aside from Play2Earn features where players can earn $QLP tokens for playing, collectible characters and items in the QLIP Genesis Gaming can be used in different metaverses and traded on different marketplaces.

P2E Games existing on QLIP Genesis Gaming

  1. The Beninging Series (Nope, that’s not a typo, it’s pronounced The Be-Nin-Gin)
  2. Tune Battles
  3. Pack Lotteries





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