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We have really been on a ride of constant work and development. Our Beta Platform is almost ready for artists and collectors to use and also for gamers.

Many persons who read the QLIP Whitepaper skipped our gaming features, not sure why, but people always ran to the tokenomics section (lol).

So let's talk a little about BLOCKCHAIN or NFT GAMING


Blockchain Games are games built on the blockchain that allows players to earn and exchange value.

We’ve seen various types of blockchain games in the space, commonly called NFT games.

Blockchain games have a lot of value because they bring features like scarcity, verifiability, and utility — the ability to play and earn valuable tokens and ranks.

These 3 key features form the foundation for our gaming platform.

QLIP Genesis Gaming

We gave a hint to The QLIP Genesis Gaming platform in our White Paper (Scroll down to the end after tokenomics)

QLIP Genesis Gaming platform creates a multiverse of QLIP collectibles., hence, collectibles on QLIP can be used as items in our gaming feature. QLIP Genesis Gaming is a platform where various “QLIP Play2Earn Games” are built and hosted with 3 intrinsic features of blockchain gaming.

Key Features

  1. Scarcity — Items and characters created in the QLIP GENESIS GAMING platform will have a definite number of minting and a definite period of general collecting or purchase before use in any of the “QLIP Play2Earn Games”.
  2. Verifiability — Players can verify the existence and scarcity of each gaming item or character in the QLIP Genesis Gaming. Players can see key information for the items and characters like their total supply, circulating supply NFT features, and No of Gaming or metaverses the Item or character lives in.
  3. Utility (Play2Earn) — Aside from Play2Earn features where players can earn $QLP tokens for playing, collectible characters and items in the QLIP Genesis Gaming can be used in different metaverses and traded on different marketplaces.

P2E Games existing on QLIP Genesis Gaming

  1. The Beninging Series (Nope, that’s not a typo, it’s pronounced The Be-Nin-Gin)
  2. Tune Battles
  3. Pack Lotteries


The Beningin Series is titled the “Beninging” series because it is the first P2E NFT game launched in the QLIP GENESIS GAMING platform and has a lot of utility to it.

Characters in the Beninging Series will be used in other P2E games on the Genesis Gaming Platform, for example, in the Tune Battles, players will need a game collectible called “Tracks” to move from one level to another, and characters in the Beninging series can breed tracks.


The Tune Battles is a performance arts gaming platform that uses real-life music artiste characters, where players can follow certain career paths, endow their characters with audio nfts, fashion nfts and these paths increase the ranks of the characters to earn various collectibles that can be sold and exchanged for $QLP tokens.

Think of TUNE BATTLES like the soccer industry, where live football players have various playing abilities and ranks. These players also exist while retaining their playing abilities as players in the FIFA game.

This image gives a brief insight into the types of items and characters in TUNE BATTLES.


The Pack Lotteries is a weekly occurrence gaming platform that allows users to participate in NFT lotteries for rare NFTs.

Imagine participating in a lottery to win a rare Crypto Punk or valuable NFT collectible and all you have to do is purchase the Pack Lottery tickets with $QLP tokens only and later on, your Pack lottery tickets can give you access to a feature or a level in another game in on the QLIP Genesis Gaming Platform.


The Beningin series gaming activity will start during our BETA Launch.




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